Sustainable tour with our desert safari in Dubai 2022?

2022 was declared the year of sustainable tourism and development by the United Nations General Assembly, this is an exciting time learning about it. There are many aspects that contribute to sustainability, such as the environment, culture, and economic benefits for the local community.

This is to ensure that we meet the current demands without compromising the capacity of the next generation to meet their needs. We are pleased to contribute our ongoing efforts throughout our desert safaris in order to encourage the idea of education for our visitors about sustainability in tourism Dubai.

In the beginning, when the plan of Arabian adventure started, their focus was on the protection of the culture in the country along with tourism. 

They felt that foreign visitors were misinformed about Emirati tradition and culture, when certain elements like dancing to the tune of tanoura, belly dancing, and drinking over a dish filled with spaghetti bolognese, were borrowed from various cultures and marketed to be the traditional bedouin activities.

They have eliminated all of these practices and replaced them with authentic actions that are distinctive and culturally accurate. 

They include traditional Arabic coffee-making, teaching Bedouin falconry, Emirati culinary and entertainment as well as using conventional building material and style to recreate the atmosphere of a Bedouin camp. As well as the introduction of the first 4WD vehicle that came to the UAE and was it’s the series 1 land rover.

By utilizing these methods and the understanding of the local culture. In our efforts to educate our international guests as well as provide an insight into the lives of the Bedouins during the first few years before the advent of modernity.

To come up with a sustainable environment plan, we decided to concentrate on five key areas. These include:

  • Renewable energy sources
  • Informing the community about the harm of dune bashing
  • Waste management
  • Use of Eco-friendly/intelligent procurement
  • Transport strategy.

Arabian adventures have been established as a leader in sustainability. It is also one of the few Desert Safari Companies to have been that good in reputation amongst all. 

As of now, they are the only business operating in the safari section that has educated the entire industry that how such safari services should be provided. They have acknowledged how the desert ecosystems should be run. 

Since the beginning of Arabian Adventures, they decided not to utilize generators or power from the city. They have managed to reduce energy usage and compensate the other way out. 

For instance, Arabian adventure has managed the water requirement in desert safari Dubai. They have managed to supply water in the desert as per the tourist requirement followed by the equipment required to make the water hot & cold. 

In short Arabian adventures has managed to provide every facility that the clients demand at an affordable cost. They make sure that everything is up to the mark. 

What you can Enjoy in Desert Safari Dubai?

Following are the things you’ll be enjoying in your tour to desert safari:

  • You can celebrate the long weekends in the real Arabic style
  • Going for a desert dune buggies ride 
  • You can either choose the private vehicle safari to enjoy the amazing view.
  • You can enjoy the Camel ride adventure 
  • You can even pick a Luxury overnight desert camping
  • Go for a morning desert safari experience. 
  • Hot air balloon rides to see the drone view of the Desert.
  • You can go for a shared vehicle safari

There are a lot of other things that you can enjoy just like eating delicious food and many more.

Things to Do in Dubai: City Sightseeing

  1. The Burj Khalifa Tour
  2. Explore traditional Dubai tour
  3. Modern Dubai City tour

Things to Do in Dubai: Cruises and Boat Rides  

  1. Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise
  2. Glass Boat Dining Cruises
  3. Private Yachts
  4. Fishing Cruises
  5. Traditional dhow cruise Dubai Creek
  6. The yellow boats

Things to Do in Dubai: Desert Safari

  1. An Evening Desert Safari in Dubai
  2. Dessert Dune Buggy Ride
  3. Morning Dune Drive
  4. Camel Trekking 
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