Natural Accommodations In Thailand, Peaceful, Lovely To Travel, Inexpensive

Thailand is a country with numerous tourist attractions. Including abundant and stunningly lovely nature. As a result, this piece introduces us to each other, locations to visit, and lodgings in natural styles, still of varied types. Whether you prefer tranquility, luxury, or convenience or looking for accommodation in nature, (ที่พัก ธรรมชาติ, which is the term in Thai) this article has it all.

Natural Accommodation In Doi Phu Kha National Park 

The tallest peak in Nan province, Doi Phu Kha National Park, is 1,980 meters high. It is also renowned as an essential watershed forest, as the Nan River and the Pua River, among others, make this area productive. Furthermore, it is the source of Chomphu Phukha flowers. In February, rare plants found exclusively in Nan will blossom. For lodging in Doi Phu Kha. There is plenty of room for tents. There are also small wagon dwellings and enormous houses to choose from.

It is a natural accommodation because it includes a bathroom with hot water. Beautiful and peaceful, ideal for relaxing. Furthermore, several activities and locations exist to explore outside and within the park.

  • Tham Pha Daeng and Tham Pha Phueng are the park’s longest caverns. Stalactites—beautiful waterfalls and streams—can be seen inside the cave. Chomphu Phu Kha flowers will blossom as winter approaches, displaying their attractiveness to visitors.
  • The Sila Petch Waterfall It’s a waterfall that flows from Lam Phayang. Which will descend from a three-tiered cliff, and beautiful foliage will fill the surrounding area. This presents a questionable situation. In addition to the ground level, there is a vast swimming pool. Whether you’re coming to swim or play in the water, sit and relax, read, or observe nature. Another intriguing alternative is the Sila Petch Waterfall.

Natural Accommodation In Mae Kampong

Mae Kampong is a little village in the valley that is shaded by many trees. Mae Kampong is a tourist attraction and a location to stay in nature, with a stream running through the town center and cool weather all year. That is lovely, tranquil, and ideal for relaxing away from the noise and bustle. There are several options for lodging, including Uncle Pud & Aunt Peng’s house, a basic community-style timber house, and Him Doi’s Home, a cozy riverbank residence. Or Rabiang Doi, a cement house in a modern style. There are numerous options available. The nearby attractions include:

  • Kew Fin View Point For watching the misty sea in the morning or watching the sunset
  • Mae Kampong Waterfall is a waterfall with up to 7 levels that flows throughout the year. Making it moist and refreshing for all tourists

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