What is the meaning of crack addiction?

There are numerous types of drugs which one can get addicted to. There’s cocaine, meth, heroin, etc, all of which are harmful for one’s health. 

Although some types of these drugs are used for health purposes like methamphetamine or as its street name, Crank. Crank drugs are medically approved for ADHD and obesity. But even then, if they are over consumed then addiction to it is very possible. 

Crack drug meaning is one such type of drug that if one is addicted too can cause serious damage. 

It is a form of cocaine that people smoke. The name crack came into existence because of the sound the crystal makes when it is heated to smoke. 

So as mentioned before, this drug is pretty strong. Crack addiction is when a person Is physically as well as psychological completely depended on the drug. 

So, what are the effects of this drug? 

Crack would almost have similar characteristics to cocaine and would include the following effects –

  • Massive surge of energy
  • Extreme Happiness
  • Strange, violent and unpredictable behaviour
  • Paranoia. 
  • Sensitivity to sound and light. 

There are some health effects too, that last for a great length of time. They are –

1. Heart Problem – 

One of the most common diseases for every drug substance is heart problems. The most vital part of our body is vulnerable to toxins like these.  Addiction to crack can cause severe heart problems and effects like-

  • Heart attack
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood pressure

2. Brain damage – 

Our brain, like the heart is vulnerable to substances like these. Over consumption of crack can cause serious brain damage to a person, which can further lead to many psychological issues like anxiety, mood changes, hallucinations, etc

The treatment for crack addiction consists of: –

Therapy like all other drug addictions, therapy is one of the necessary methods to treat a person suffering through addiction. Counselling/ therapy gives the patient an insight about the situation and how much serious it is. 

Therefore, to conclude this was what crack addiction meant and like any other drug addiction it is equally if not more harmful to the human body.


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