How Has Facebook Suddenly Converted To Being An E-Commerce Platform?

Facebook has a tremendous increase of users from all age groups. It emerges as a marketplace and create sale page (สร้าง เพจ ขาย ของ, which is the term in Thai) to list your services and product and sell to the whole world.

Facebook has marketplace listing options and has easy access to all products. You can edit your search according to your requirement as per price, type, location etc.

What Are The Highlights Of The Facebook Marketplace?

Here you can find products easily without typing routinely. Sellers require no store page to post the listings of their services. The Facebook without sale page can also boost and advertise posts to many.

Plus, sellers can see how many people viewed their products from their product posts. Also, buyers can contact the seller quickly via normal Facebook messenger to learn more about the product.

By this, the seller’s credibility will be intact as buyers can quickly check the seller’s identity through Facebook. So ultimately, the Facebook marketplace is the bestselling option without spending your initial business cost.

How To Create A Sale Page On Facebook?

  • Firstly, create a normal Facebook account by signing up through name, email address, date of birth, gender and password.
  • Verify your identity as Facebook will send the code to your phone number.
  • After that, to create sales page, you need to visit the page create option and then click the page type as in business or brand.
  • Then it will ask to enter all basic details related to the page name, keywords as per product will be circulated, and click creates page option.
  • Set a cover image and profile picture of the page to make it look engaging.
  • Set all the page information so that it will grasp your product information and quickly you will get a response.
  • After you are ready to sell.

So summing it up, the Facebook marketplace has vast scope to sell the product with the help of a regular Facebook page or create sale page by the name of the company. Many people are using Facebook, and not limited to youth compared to other platforms.

If you’re planning to open a small business without investing much in advertising and SEO, you can join the Facebook seller option to list all your products and services.

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