Tips To Make Your Pizza Taste Like A Restaurant Dish 

While many people make pizzas at home, they are not sure as good as the ones you eat in a pizzeria. It is because the chefs there have professional training and implement some unique tips to make their pizza taste like none other. 

You can make your own restaurant-style pizza at home using the right ingredients and equipment. However, for those who are too lazy to cook, you can order it from the Pizza restaurant Double Pizza and satisfy all your cravings. 

If you always wonder what is lacking in your pizza recipe, even after attempting to perfect it many times, you might be lacking some steps.

Tips to make your pizza taste like a restaurant dish 

  • Preheat your oven. 

Always preheat your oven before you put your pizza inside to bake. The reason is that the pizza’s crust is supposed to turn brown and bake quickly; avoid keeping it inside the oven for too long, or your base will dry out and become stiff. 

The bread will not soak in the sauce properly if the base does not come out in proportion. So ensure the oven temperature reaches 425F before you put your base for baking. Heating your oven before placing the pizza inside is vital as a slow oven will not absorb the excess moisture released from the toppings and result in a soggy base.

  • Bake your pizza on a pizza stone. 

Using a pizza stone will aboard all the excess heat and give your pizza base the hot surface it needs to become nice and crisp. Most pizzerias bake their pizza crust on a stone to remain crispy and soft on the inside. 

However, if your oven is not hot enough or does not provide ample heat, avoid using a stone; instead, use a metal pan for that crisp crust. 

  • Add a thin layer of cornmeal to the pizza pan. 

Dusting your pan with cornmeal will ensure the base is nice and crisp. Many people use flour instead of cornmeal; however, flour doe not contribute to making your base crusty as cornmeal does. Moreover, cornmeal also adds a pleasantly sweet and nutty flavor to the pizza crust. 

  • Be mindful of toppings. 

Most thin crust pizzas do not hold large amounts of toppings well. As you add enough cause the thin crust can become weak and might turn soggy or even break down. So if you like a lot of toppings in your pizza, make sure you go for thick or stuffed crust pizzas. 

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