What Does Pearl Lam, A Fashion Icon, Think About Hairstyling As Art?

Many artists would argue that hairstylists are not artists but artisans; however, the authority of Asian contemporary art and design, Pearl Lam, will beg to differ. In Pearl Lam’s Podcast, episode seven, the doyenne discussed in detail the art of hairstyling, entrepreneurship, and being an artist with famous hairstylist Kim Robinson. Before delving into the discussion between these two legends, let’s put the argument of whether hairstylists are artists to rest.

According to the host of The Pearl Lam Podcast, it would be unjust to say that hairstylists like Kim Robison are not artists. The simple reason is one of our essential senses is eyesight. When we look at something, it will either bring negative or positive emotions. Properly styled and coloured hair is like an image or an art piece that will evoke emotion, so when you combine hairdressing with art, it is unfair not to credit the hairstylist as an artist.

The play with the form, shape, texture, and colour done with hair is similar to that which artists play on their canvas, so how is a hairdresser different from an artist? For the hairstylist, the canvas is changing. Also, it will be a great miss if we do not acknowledge Pearl Lam’s iconic hairstyle, a bob that defies gravity, making her a fashion icon.

In discussion with Robinson, it was pointed out by the latter that, just like in art, where measurements, structure, and the understanding of focal points are important, in hairdressing, these similar things should be taken care of. In most cases, Robison says to Pearl that most hairstylists and dressers don’t understand this; hence, most women don’t wear the right hairstyle. Kim continues to point out to Lam that French hairstylists use the golden measurement rule of Leonardo da Vinci for hairstyling, so French women’s necks look longer, giving them a chic look.

Prominent Female Entrepreneur Pearl Lam Encourages Entrepreneurship

In discussion with Kim Robinson, who has hairstyled famous ladies like Kate Moss, Princess Diana, and Rita Ora, he had a very unconventional start to his career. As a farm boy from West Australia, he landed in Hong Kong and then in London with the help of Vidal Sasson. Lam states that Sasson was one of the icons of his time in establishing himself and his hairdressing brand.

Over the years, like Sasson, Pearl Lam has become one of the most recognisable gallerists in the world, not only for representing unconventional artists and changing the understanding of Chinese contemporary art for the West and East but also for pushing boundaries as a prominent female entrepreneur. As a female icon and entrepreneur, Pearl Lam believes that whether one is a famous hairstylist like Vidal Sasson or Kim Robinson, establishing a brand and being an entrepreneur is essential. Unless creative people become entrepreneurs, they will be limiting themselves.

Now that Kim is moving from hairstyling to becoming an artist and developing a new brand of hair products that cater to Asian-specific women and their hair and scalp, Pearl is very supportive of him.

Listening To The Pearl Of Wisdom

Whether discussing the art and artistry of hairstyle, finding art in the art of dining with chefs, or how architecture is more than just a building but another form of art. Pearl Lam has been tackling a range of professionals in the Pearl Lam Podcasts, where one theme laces every conversation: there is art in every walk of life, and one needs the eye to see it.

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