Useful Tips for Your New House by Best Vastu Consultant

If you believe in Vastu Shastra you must be aware of its advantages. Following Vastu norms in the house can do magic in life. The one who followed everything sincerely knows how advantageous it can be for a successful career, happiness, positivity, and great family bonding. According to the Vastu consultants, when you build a new house, following all the Vastu norms helps bring positivity and good luck to the house. 

Let us check out some useful Vastu tips for your new house suggested by the best Vastu consultants.

  1. To start with the main door, it is very important to keep it in the right direction as it is the main entrance for not only humans but all kinds of energy. Following the Vastu norms, the main gate should be placed in the north, east, or northeast direction to welcome positive energy in the house. If you are buying an already constructed house, do these changes following Vastu norms for the main entrance. 
  2. After entering the house, the next thing to consider is the direction of the kitchen. It is the space where fire and water elements are placed and it is very important to keep both of them away from each other as they both reflect each other. The kitchen must be located in the southeast corner of the house so that it benefits the health of the residents. Never buy a house that has a kitchen in the north direction. Try to keep the stove and sink on different platforms opposite to each other.
  3. Another to keep a check on is the master bedroom. It is the room of the head of the family and must be built in the southwest direction following the Vastu norms. Avoid buying a house that has a bedroom in the southeast direction as it is an element of fire and is not suitable for the master bedroom. Keeping the bedroom in the right direction help in maintaining healthy relationship among the couples and create a peaceful environment in the house. It is the place where people get all the peace and make various important decisions. Placing it in the right direction help in making various important decisions correctly. 
  4. Then comes the children’s room which always holds a special place in the heart of the parents. Children’s rooms are always special and parents always dream about making them more special with the décor. It is the place where your child is going to spend most of the time, study hard, think about the future, and do various tasks that can help in making the future bright. To make all this happen peacefully, keep the kid’s room facing the southwest direction. Always make sure that you keep the bed in the room in a way that when the kid sleeps, his/her head must be placed in the south or east direction. 
  5. The best direction for the washrooms following the Vastu norm is the west or northwest corner of the house. Following the Vastu norms for the washrooms is equally important as it is for another part of the house. 
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