The history of gifting flowers

Nowadays, offering flowers to loved ones is widely accepted as a kind and lovely gesture, yet many of us have no idea how or why this tradition began. Florals from florist kualalumpur have become an intrinsic part of our culture because we spend $34.3 billion a year on them. Let’s understand the origins of this practice and the reasons why it has lasted for so long.

What Do Flowers Represent in the Language of Flowers?

It’s possible that the original meaning of each flower, when it was given as a gift, has evolved with time, as well. In order to pick distinctive flowers for Mother’s Day, you must first grasp what these flowers symbolize today, for example. Roses used to be a symbol of strife in Tudor England, but they’ve come to represent peace and harmony in modern times.

Greeks, Egyptians, and the Victorian Era: A Floral History

Every culture has its unique way of using flowers, but it was the Victorian-era nobility, the ancient Greeks, and Egyptians that had the greatest influence on European and North American flower gifting.

Greeks of Antiquity

The ancient Greeks assigned myths and legends to the most famous and beautiful flowers, giving each and every one of them a special significance. After Narcissus drowned himself in a pool of water after a curse was placed on him to obsessively adore his own reflection, the narcissus flower has become the most widely recognized.

The custom of presenting blossoms as gifts predates the Greeks, which means that the significance of flowers isn’t limited to fairy tales. Flowers were first sent to temples by the ancient Greeks as a sacrifice to the Gods, but this custom expanded to the general public as a way to express gratitude to beautiful women, known as the “Earthly Goddesses.” Other kingdoms quickly adopted this custom.

In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs would paint their war carts with flowers to show their strength before a battle, but the common people would present flowers as gifts to their loved ones. The ancient Egyptian custom of offering flowers to the gods persisted, and the blue lotus flower was particularly revered. Their interpretation was that the lotus, which blooms in the morning and closes at night, symbolized the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

A time period in England during the Victorian Age

Aristocrats of the Victorian Era, England, began to express themselves through flowers many centuries later. To avoid expressing one’s feelings during this time, both men and women would give flowers to one other and build bouquets that reflected their feelings. The importance of flowers grew so much during this period that the Royal Gardens dedicated special attention to certain varieties. buy flowers from florist pj.

During Victoria’s reign, if you received flowers in London, you had to know what they represented or you would have missed the point of the gesture. You also have to be aware of the nuances in the significance of the flower based on the arrangement’s other flowers.

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