The active development of artificial intelligence 

Over the past few years, due to the explosive development of neural networks, the topic of artificial intelligence has become very active. Check the most interesting spheres of its implementation, for instance Nude Tools, in the post below. 

Neural networks – powerful technology breakthrough

Most often, one could hear that artificial intelligence will never come close to human intelligence since it is just a thoughtless probabilistic model for selecting the final result. The artificial intelligence neural network works precisely and mindlessly. To put it simply, it stupidly trains on a huge amount of input data and then just produces the most frequently occurring set of output words for a certain characteristic set of input words.

Neural networks are a powerful technological breakthrough. Already now, they can be trusted with important tasks that were previously performed manually. For example, a neuron can work as a technician on board an aircraft and warn about engine wear. Using neural networks, doctors have learned to identify early signs of epilepsy in children.

It would seem such a useful tool for improving all aspects of human life! But we remember films about robots that stopped listening to people… Now, the Internet is filled with at least scary videos and articles about neural network fraud and the leaking of secret information into the public domain. And sometimes, there are forecasts about the enslavement of humanity. 

How can neural networks make deep nude photos?

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