Six tips on maintaining the best mileage for your motorcycles

  1. Do not install any add-ons you do not need. To achieve the Best Mileage possible with your motorcycle, you will need to pay attention to the add-ons. It is true that you might want to show off that you have all the best add-ons for your motorcycle. That is fine. However, make sure it is not done all the time. This can just lead to making your bike heavy and using more fuel that could’ve been saved.
  2. Check tires. Why? Always make sure the tires on your motorcycle are checked to be at the right pressure. Manufacturers make their best mileage motorcycles with a specific pressure specification. One of the ways to make sure that doesn’t change is to ensure that the pressure specified by these manufacturers is not changed. Changing anything on the motorcycle to a higher level means, you are getting ready to have your mileage move higher and that you will spend more. That is what you should be interested in knowing. When tires are under pressure, they increase dragging and also wear out with ease. Also, you need to know that pressure can be affected by ambient temperature. So, as there is a drop in temperature, your tire pressure will drop in temperature too. This is why the seasonal changes should be well tracked.
  3. Always plan your rides or trips. It is always good to plan your rides. When you do that, you are able to travel on roads with less traffic. Or, you can travel during times when the traffic will be lighter. Freeways are mostly congested with a lot of traffic. The more you burn gas in lines of traffic, the less your best mileage will be like it used to be. So, always make sure you stick to the right hours or routes for your own good.
  4. Brake early to prevent drags. No matter what riding skill you have, make sure you brake early. When you brake early, you are able to prevent braking hard. Braking hard is not good at all. So, stick with smooth riding. It will increase mileage significantly because fuel is not burned.
  5. Reduce stunts or showoffs. There are so many times when you decide to show off some stunts. That is fine if you are an expert at doing that. However, if you want to save on mileage, you should not make it something that you do often. The best mileage will not be achieved if you are always showing off through stunts. That is one thing you should know.
  6. Monitor your motorcycle mileage. It is always important for you to keep monitoring the mileage of your motorcycle. If that is done regularly, you will be able to know how to keep it in the right lane. That is most important. If you check mileage in the morning before you move and when you get home after the day, you will know which days take more. All of these help you to make the right mileage choices.


It is true that you are the one who purchased your motorcycle with your own cash. However, the right information and the right decisions when made will benefit you and no one else. So, make sure the best mileage motorcycle you buy doesn’t end up being at the worst level where mileage is concerned. Be a responsible user of these motorcycles.

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