Mug Up Some Facts For Your Next Professional Interaction

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? This is a general interview question that one can face. Can one answer like I see myself to be the next President? Or at the top of the CW tower. How can one prepare a question like that? Many questions are asked to confuse the candidate. One can prepare many such questions for their better performance in the interview. One can analyse some of the answers and prepare one of their own. Some of the twisted questions are of the same category, for example:

Educational Background

One can find many questions related to educational background. Like some can be academic and some skill-related. A candidate can clear some concepts about their field of study. The theoretical clarity can also save the day and the interview.

Educational Background Can Include Questions Related To:

  • Subject Choices
  • Major Of The Program
  • Number Of Degrees Or Programs Done
  • Technical Skills


One can find some of the questions related to the location of their education or bringing up. Many questions can be asked about the place from where the candidate belongs. A candidate, for instance, can be asked about a famous landmark of their city. If a candidate is from any available place, they should be aware of the city’s famous tourist attractions or business locations. Knowing about the CW Tower can be one of the strong points. It shows how much aware a person is about their city or country.


Many companies looking for an ideal candidate want some of the things. For which they ask twisted questions about the plans of the candidate. There are many future-related questions that one can face. Related to their goals for their career and the company are standard. One can also be very confident about their future but should not sound overconfident or egoistic. One can maintain their decency while answering the questions. Their body language also plays a significant role. Answering a question related to the future can sound a little dreamy.

But a candidate should not be so unrealistic. They cannot just answer like ‘I see myself on the top office of the CW tower. One can be decent and straightforward and make sure to sound ambitious and worthy. 

One should be ready for such questions that can also be related to anything.

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