Everything about the Moulded case circuit breaker

Our daily needs are majorly based on electricity and its functionalities since it has emerged as a vital element of modern life. Thus, it is important to conserve it for future use. The circuit’s likelihood of sustaining severe damage is growing daily due to the extraordinary current flow and short circuit. Low Voltage Switchgears are utilised to avoid damages by preventing faulty situations, and MCCB is one of these devices.

What Do MCCBs Do?

The Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is also known as MCCB. It has a switch interrupting the circuit that can be operated manually and is utilised for high-current applications.

It is mostly used for industrial applications that require low and high breaking capacities. The electrical device being discussed here is produced as an electrical protection device, and it safeguards the electric circuit from overblown current, resulting in an excess or short circuit condition.

Benefits of MCCB

  • They are small in stature and significantly reduce panel design area.
  • They guard against electrical equipment becoming damaged.
  • If the reason for the stumbling while activity is identified, it may be reset or turned on immediately.
  • The monthly maintenance charge is minimal.


MCCBs are excellent for protecting against overload, short circuit failures, and turning on and off circuits. This product stands out due to its specific qualities:

  • They are small and save a lot of room inside the planned space for installation.
  • Reduced downtime: The MCCB may be promptly switched back on after locating the problem.
  • Inventory reduction: The MCCB’s various features provide flexibility for stocking, installation, and maintenance.

MCCB safeguards the circuit against several different scenarios, such as:

  • Thermal Overload: These currents are greater than their rated value and last longer than is usual for the device.
  • A short circuit occurs when the electrical current takes a shorter route and does not travel each of the wires.
  • During a ground fault, electrical current travels directly to the earth.

Now that you know the significance of a high-quality MCCB, make sure you only buy from the best. Look through the extensive collection of Mcbs at Legrand before making further decisions. It offers high-quality, thoroughly inspected electronic components to keep you and your loved ones secure and stress-free.

Legrand’s Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and MCCBs’ has been designed to offer electrical protection from failures in both new and current energy distribution setups. They adhere to strict criteria for quality certification.

Check out Legrand for a variety of different products as well as affordable MCCB rates.

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