Creative Business And Start Up Ideas 

The pandemic proved devastating in various sectors, including human health, business, capital, and the economy. The crises had a significant impact on markets and trade. Growth and decline both showed rise during the had times. The Department of Ministry of Commerce presented data based on the market survey during the covid time. Here are some Interesting Business ideas (ธุรกิจน่าลงทุน, which is the term in Thai) of new start-ups that are catching attention after the pandemic


E-commerce (electronic business) is the sale and purchase of goods or services and the transmission of funds or data over an electronic network, primarily the internet. The channels for e-commerce include Trading Platforms and even social media platforms.

Transportation Or Logistics

Logistical and transport transfer goods and services from one place to another. With the rapid increase in online business, the need for transportation and delivery of the product has also become mandatory. Hence, Logistics is a worth field one can invest in.

Medical Equipment And Other Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies include alcohol, masks, Fingertip, blood oxygen monitors, ATK test kits, and processed herbs like Andrographis panamulata. These medicines have seen an increase in sales because so many people rely on them to prevent pathogens. 

Technology Business

A technology company (or tech firm) is an electronics-based business that offers software and digital electronics. It also includes services like e-commerce services. Technology improves work efficiency.

Recycle Business

By focusing on sustainable business practices in line with these principles, you can achieve ESG, which means Environmental, Social, and Governance and BCG or Bio-Circular-Green Economy, which is more eco-friendly, like designing packaging that is a love for the planet. 

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetics, including health products, are gaining popularity, particularly in the wake of the virus has made people concentrate on health more. The business in this category has grown and is a company that is worth investing in shortly.

Pet Supplies

The animal feed business has more demand for quality improvement, causing the business of animal feed to grow. Additionally, the top-quality pet food industry is getting more competitive in marketing. 

Elderly Care Work

The industry of elder care is one of the fastest-growing companies. It is expected to grow significantly in the future, including products and services for the elderly, like health food services to transport patients who are elderly to the doctor. 


It is essential to utilize packaging to protect the product, and it is also to match the E-Commerce business.

Online Advertising And Marketing

Online marketing is the marketing of companies to reach out to potential customers via the internet and other forms of digital communications. This does not just include social media, email, web-based ads, and messages that are text or multimedia as a channel for marketing.

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