Be Aware of These Pests This Halloween 

Pests can be a nuisance to you in the upcoming festivities. They ruin your decorations and set up for the festive season. For example, most people like adding funny and scary lament to their homes to get the Halloween feels. But these things can get destroyed by the presence of certain pests. Even worse is when you misinterpret that pest as one of your Halloween decorations. Spiders have been the most prevalent house pest throughout the world. However, certain spider species can be hazardous to human health compared to others. 

Several spiders lose poison in their bites which can lead to the death of a person if they are not rushed to the emergency room. Even after reaching there, the victim might not survive. So to avoid such catastrophes this holiday season, ensure it gets inspected by a professional Stride Pest Control service. 

Be aware of these pests this Halloween. 

  • Halloween spiders 

Several spider species make a surprise entry in the winter. Starting in October, these siders can visit you any time of the day. Halloween is one of the most common times when these spiders are active, and they are called Halloween spiders. 

Halloween spiders are jet black with eight legs and are potentially dangerous. When people wear a sock or shoe, they get bitten by a spider sitting inside. When spiders find shelter in such dark and warm places, humans can severely get hurt because of their protective instincts. Fortunately, most spiders do not possess venom. However, if they bite, the person might suffer from severe bruises followed by irritation and burning. 

  • The brown recluse 

The brown recluse spiders are very dangerous. The average size of these spiders is about a half-dollar coin, either brown or tan. 

One of the unique features of the brown recluse spiders is that they have a distinct violin-shaped patch on their back, making it easier to differentiate these insects from others. Often, these spiders shy away from human contact and in scheduled areas. You will find them in firewood, attics, or cellars. 

However, if these spiders attack a person, they can suffer severe bruises and injuries. The venom of these spiders is necrotizing, which means the poison will react upon the flesh of the victims, eating the muscles and fibers from the meat. 

In addition, if the venom reaches inside the skin layer, victims can also exercise muscle and nerve pain. In case of a recluse bite, you must rush to the hospital immediately. 

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