What to expect the first time smoking marijuana

Smoking marijuana for the first time will undoubtedly leave you with a different experience. Since you are introducing something your body has not tried out before, you are most likely to notice the difference. You are here to know what to expect on your new adventure. Do not stress out; we have put together what you should expect the first time smoking marijuana. The following are some of what you should expect to happen when you start smoking marijuana:

1. Fast Overwhelming Results

Smoking marijuana delivers an instant and overwhelming effect than taking marijuana in other forms. Consequently, prepare for an immediate hit because the inhaled cannabinoids pass through the lungs quickly and directly into the bloodstream and the brain. Expect an instant and intense effect when you smoke marijuana for the first time. You may experience psychoactive effects.

2. You Will Cough

Whether you bought your marijuana from a cannabis store or down the street, you should be prepared to cough when you try marijuana for the first time. Sometimes, experienced stoners also cough when they smoke. The ash and the smoke generated can cause you to cough uncontrollably. The cough may trigger a headache, which usually subsides within a short time. 

3. Overtiredness 

You unavoidably will feel extremely tired after smoking marijuana for the first time. The release of THC and CBD into your body through smoking may be too much for your body to handle. As a result, you will become tired and feel sleepy almost immediately. This is one of the reasons why persons experiencing insomnia take marijuana to have a sound deep sleep. 

4. Dry Mouth

It is common for almost all first-time stoners to experience a dry mouth. This is a reaction triggered by the release of THC inhaled into the bloodstream. To reduce the impact of a dry mouth, drink water before you start smoking and also drink along as you smoke since the saliva production would automatically be suspended. 

5. Effects of Smoking Too Much

The dangers of overstocking marijuana are minimal if any at all. If you smoke too much, you may feel dizzy and experience a loss of balance. Another effect of having too much to smoke is forgetfulness. But the good news is that none of these effects require medical attention. However, in rare cases, you may vomit or fall asleep for some hours while the side effects reduce. 


Take note of what you should expect if you are smoking marijuana for the first time. To get the best quality marijuana, go to a reputable cannabis store in your area. You can order weed with low psychoactive effects while you still enjoy all the benefits of smoking cannabis.

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