RoHS: What is it and what’s its need and importance?

RoHS is a short form for ” Restriction of Hazardous Substances”. It is a regulation to prevent the outsource call center presence of hazardous materials like heavy metals in electrical and electronic equipment. 

There is a lot of confusion around RoHS regulation. Companies like Enviropass RoHS consulting can help you know more about it. Read further to get a better picture. 

What are RoHS prohibited substances?

Heavy metals like mercury and cadmium, and plastic additives like PPB and phthalates are some of the substances tagged as hazardous under RoHS. 

Why are some substances prohibited?

The regulation aims to control those hazardous substances that can be toxic for humans who use them. 

For instance, cadmium poisoning causes Itai-Itai disease. These substances are also harmful to the environment. 

Which parts of the world are the RoHS regulations applicable?

Different countries like UAE, Turkey, and Russia have their version of RoHS regulations similar to the European ones. 

Some countries do not have RoHS criteria, but they have other laws that ban harmful substances included under the RoHS list.

If you want to export an electronic product, you have to ensure that it is RoHS compliant or check if the country has any specific rules restricting similar contents. 

Even for selling your products in the home country, you have to get a certificate that the goods you’re selling do not contain anything from the RoHS list. 

RoHS compliance process

Usually, analytical testing and documentary approaches are followed to test if a product passes the RoHS requirements. 

For most RoHS substances in the list, there is an upper limit of 0.1 percent. If any product exceeds the threshold, it will fail to comply with the RoHS rules. 

How to ensure your product is RoHS compliant?

There are companies like Enviropass that assist with environmental compliance. You can have a free consultation with such service providers to understand more about the process. 

These companies can ensure that your product will pass all the compliance requirements. 

Concluding thoughts 

RoHS regulations aim for a sustainable future amidst climate change and other environmental concerns. Each of us has an obligation to be responsible citizens by promoting sustainability. 

There is also an increasing push for environmental regulations due to the ongoing climate deterioration. 

So, it is best to ensure that electrical and electronic products do not have hazardous substances in them. Contact a consulting company with a good reputation in the field and get on with the RoHS regulation process. 

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