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How humans consume information, particularly news, has changed significantly, and social media has affected radio, newspapers, and evening news broadcasts.

Podcasts with news are becoming more and more popular everywhere. Through this, journalism that deviates from the usual and contains engrossing storytelling, individual accounts, and in-depth analysis has gained a voice. 

Podcasts are the most effective way to improve newscasts. Videos of the station’s regular newscasts are available on their websites, and podcasts can offer more in-depth information on some of the week’s top stories. The public can choose when and how they want to consume news.

ET Play will deliver thorough, in-depth, and impartial news coverage. People utilise ET Play newspaper, website, and mobile app.

ET Play

ET Play is your one-stop audio resource for understanding the week’s significant business, political, economic, market, startup, and other news. Journalists from ET Play speak with other journalists and business experts to provide listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the key changes occurring in India and worldwide. 

Political disputes with our neighbours, irrational bitcoin market fluctuations, conflicts in the corporate sector, and startup aspirations. Dalal Street to North Block. ET Play has everything covered.

In this three-times-weekly podcast, journalists from ET Play speak with reporters and industry professionals to help make sense of the most important news in business, the economy, politics, and markets.

Who Is Arijit Barman From ET Play?

Arijit Barman serves as the deputy resident editor of ET Play. Mumbai-based Arijit Barman has been associated with ET Play for more than ten years. 

He made an effort to connect Indian businesses with the global financial and investment banking industries during this time. He has written extensively on these subjects and offered perceptive analyses of challenging issues.

Arijit Barman studied both history and film studies at Jadavpur University. After four years as the bureau chief at NDTV Profit, he spent two years as the Corporate editor at Business Standard before joining ET Play.

Twenty years as a journalist have given Arijit Barman expertise in media relations, team building, journalism, breaking news, features, and analysis. He has worked for periodicals, daily business publications, and 24-hour news networks.

His Writing Is Inherently Analytical, With An Eye On Accuracy.

Among the various contemporary topics, Arijit Barman has written extensively about finance, private equity, renewable energy, and mergers and acquisitions. His stories stand out due to their diverse viewpoints and demonstrate that Barman undertook substantial research before beginning any of them.

The best part about Arijit’s stories is how extensively they analyse each subject, considering it from all angles. Every opinion has a counterargument, as does every claim made by a well-known individual. It emphasises the adage that every story has two sides and captures the essence of ET Play’s objective viewpoint.

His articles are concise and to the point, while still making strong cases for difficult themes.

Additionally, Barman appears on episodes of the prestigious ET Play podcast, renowned for its thorough research and engaging tone. Because of their thorough and all-encompassing approach, Arijit Barman’s articles in ET Play are a great way to remain current on the most recent developments in finance, private equity, renewable energy, and mergers and acquisitions.

For in-depth analyses of current events and useful news updates, visit ET Play’s website or mobile app.

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