Importance Of Collagen In Skin

Collagen plays a very important role in the grand Symphony of your body especially when it comes to your skin you can think about collagen as a secret sauce that keeps your skin firm supple and youthful. In simple terms, it is just like the scaffolding that holds everything together yours that your skin stays radiant and resilient all the times.

The Collagen Chronicle

The made collagen (มา เด้ คอ ล ลา เจน, which is the term in Thai) is known to be the protein which is perfect for the skin. It is basically the glue which holds the tissues like skin muscles and tendons together.

Your body is basically the collagen factory working at a complete tilt in the younger days the abundance of Collagen keeps your skin firm plump and free of wrinkles. It is all about the magic portion that maintains the coveted youthful glow for you. But as you start aging the collagen production truly slows down and that’s when the wrinkles and the sagging is likely to make an entry.

If you have ever seen baby skin, it is completely soft and bouncy you might be witnessing the wonders of collagen then. Collogen is truly responsible for the babies of texture and the ability of your skin to bounce back. But as you start aging there is a decline in collagen that leads to a loss of suppleness and elasticity. The more you have the more youthful your skin is likely to appear.

The Defender Against Wrinkles

Wrinkles are ideally those little lines that truly tell the tales of time, they are the result of a reduced collogen. Made collagen works like a shield against all the fine lines by maintaining the structure of your skin and preventing it from folding increasingly too easily.

Your skin faces a lot of environmental challenges like UV rays’ pollution and harsh weather conditions for collagen works like a barrier protecting your skin from the external aggressors.

Bottom Line

Collagen is truly a star player, and you should not ignore it undoubtedly. It is like having a superhero cape that defends you against all the villains attempting to harm your skin. As we age, it becomes very important to take care of your skin, and this is where the role of collagen comes into play. Hence, focusing on collagen is the need of the hour.

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