How Technology Has Been a Boon for Philanthropy  

We are blessed to live in an era that has been offered the gift of technology. Just look back to the old days to see for yourself how far we have come. Gone are the days when everything used to be a hassle, now everything is easy as it is efficient – all thanks to technology. 

From baking sector to industrial sector, everyone has benefitted from technology – including philanthropy. Yes, you might be surprised to read the former sentence, but the fact remains true. 

Over the past few years, advancements in technology and digitalization have eliminated numerous logistical barriers in philanthropy. And it’s consequence? A significant change in perception of charitable giving. These innovations have enhanced our capacity to attend to some critical social issues such as poverty, environmental degradation and limited access to quality education and healthcare.

Let’s see how technology has influenced philanthropy and changed it for the better. 

  • Gave an All-New Timeline to Donation: 

You don’t need to wait till your retirement to donate money. Most people wait for the golden years to bring out their philanthropic side to the table. But thanks to technology, donation has become easier than ever. All you have to do is transfer funds in the charity of your choice – no need to visit banks or NGOs, stand in long queues to complete the endless formalities. 

  • More Scope of Staying Anonymous: 

The old school way of donating money involved being a part of public gatherings and fundraisers. With the proliferation of online platforms and forums for charitable giving, it is becoming more feasible to make donations anonymously. This caters to the inclination of many individuals to contribute discreetly, without drawing attention or seeking recognition.

  • Greater Awareness: 

The philanthropic landscape has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of technologies that enable donors to know precisely where their contributions are going. In the past, donors may have given to organizations with only a vague understanding of the charity’s activities and no updates on the impact of their donation.

Nowadays, nonprofits can leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software to establish better communication with donors, providing regular updates on their work and utilizing technology to track the use of donations. As a result, it is increasingly common for donors to receive detailed information about the impact of their contributions.

Moreover, social media has emerged as a valuable tool for charities to connect with their donor base and promote their initiatives to a wider audience. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook videos enable nonprofits to offer followers an up-close and personal look at their work, forging a more intimate connection between donors and the charities they support.

As technology has made everyone’s life easier, philanthropy aims to make lives better. Such is the aim of billionaire philanthropist Mr. Tej Kohli. Tej Kohli is the renowned name in Britain not only for his entrepreneurship endavours but philanthropic endavours as well. His foundation in association with Dr. Sandukruit, wholly funded by Kohli has set up numerous outreach camps in Nepal to cure cataract blindness. The foundation aims to treat over 5,00,000 cataract patients by the end of 2030. 

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